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  • I Want to Meditate, But It Stresses Me Out!

    It’s been a long, hard week and now it’s time to clear your mind. Time to let it all fall away, so you can get back to YOU! You got your music, your incense, candles are lit and the room feels calm. Wait! That’s not the right music! Oh no! that’s the wrong incense! I wanted Rainfall and picked up Grassy Meadow. And the candles are Mother of Pearl and not Pure Ivory.

    It’s ruined! All of it!

    We’ve all been there. The stress of finding the right time and place for meditation. If one thing is off, then we tend to think the whole experience will be lost and we give up. We grab a doughnut and a soda, and then find a spot on the sofa to curl up and enter Couch Potato Pose. We are human. We over-complicate things. We think too much, even when the task before us is to not think at all! So, how do we find the time and place to meditate? I may be able to help you with that, but first…

    Pause. Take five deep breaths. No, i’m serious. Take five deep breaths before reading anymore of this.

    Now if you’ve done that, after reading this sentence, close your eyes and take five more breaths while imagining a Light filling you with each inhale and imagine the shadows and darkness flowing out with each exhale.

    Did you do it? Well, congratulations! that’s meditating. Sure it was quick but it was simple. You didn’t worry about preparing, you didn’t overthink it. You simply did it. This is something that can be done at anytime throughout the day. When you feel the weight of the work day, sit at your desk and do this. Take a fifteen minute break and step outside or find a spot where you can be left alone and do this. Get back to yourself before you let your stress carry you too far away.

    Apply the same technique on those days when you need more time. Don’t think about it, just do it. Meditating doesn’t need to be shaped into some text book format. It will vary from person to person. You can meditate by doing anything that helps to calm you and center you. Going on a nice walk while listening to relaxing music, floating in the pool, sitting at the lake and watching the ripples in the water. Yoga is meditation for me, even when teaching.

    Sitting perfectly still, with a clear mind, in silence is ideal, but not necessary. If you can achieve this, then that is absolutely wonderful. If you can’t, that is perfectly natural. That doesn’t mean you can’t meditate your way. The goal in meditating is simply to calm your mind and relax so that you can release stress and tension.

    So yeah, maybe you have the wrong candles, and incense. Maybe the wrong music is playing…but is all of that necessary? The only thing necessary is that you take time to let go for a brief period. You deserve it, and so does your body, mind, and over all well-being. Others may be thankful, as your disposition and mood is likely to improve; but more importantly, you will be thankful for grounding and centering yourself in your way.

    Good journey, and namaste.

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